Two Books That Will Knock Your Socks Off..I Mean It

I  have read more books after finishing college. All of them Non-Fiction. Most of them on Money, Mindset and Motivation. Books on personal development and money. Business Building books, NLP books, sales books, stuff for online marketing, books ,CD’s, DVD’s on Stock market, options, derivatives etc. If someone asks me to recommend the best two ...

Additional Online Sources To Reach More Prospects and Leads

Here are the common sources of how you can find your audience online. But Wait There’s More….   1. Google 2. Yahoo 3. Bing 4. Facebook 5. Twitter 6. Wikipedia   Wait…There’s More… 1. Google News 2. Blekko News 3.Google Blog Search 4. Pinterest 5. Digg 6. SlidesShare 7.Flickr 8. Ogoing (Business to Business)   ...

Your Accent Does Not Matter…To Achieve Your Peak

  Roger Love is a world renowned voice coach with high profile clients such as Reese Witherspoon,  Tony Robbins, Eminem, Brendon Burchard, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and More. It is likely that most business owners cannot afford to hire Roger Love for one on one personal session. This video will show you how to increase ...

Simple Business Plan Check Up ….Works for Personal Goals As Well

This comes from a NLP* course I attended. When you set a business goal/business plan  or personal goal , write down the goal and write down the steps from backwards to the beginning. Ask the following questions , write the answers and make it part of your goal. 1. What will happen if you get ...

What Business Are You Really In?

In his ground breaking article titled “Marketing Myopia” (Harvard Business Review 1960), the late Harvard Economist Theodore Levitt asked this famous question. What Business Are You Really In? Often times how you define your business or profession will determine the long term value and existence of the business.  Professor Levitt identifies the following industries as ...

Genetic Lottery=Can It Be Your Profession or Business!

In October 2012, Cameron Russel became the first person to do a wardrobe change on a TED platform. She spills some dirty little secrets of the Modelling Industry. What you see is ..Not what You Get. The striking point is Genetic Lottery: Tall, Blonde, and White (Less than 4% of the models are non-white) Can ...

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With Respect to Pranav…Todays Blog has no words in it. Pranav Mistry  would not have liked to write about it anyways. The TED video tells it all. Two Thumbs Up.  

CRAP is good, When You Persist It. (C=?, R=?,A=ASSHOLES, P=?)

See this Video and You will find it. (Thanks To TED Talks: BONUS: Richard St. John also presents 8 Secrets of Success (To go to the CRAP part scroll to 2:59)  PERSIST CRAP: That is just A fraction  of the 8 Success Secrets. C=CRITICISM R=REJECTION A=ASSHOLES P=PRESSURE